Heated Motorcycle Clothing

Not just for motorcyclist, but for anyone who suffers from the cold
Be that Raynaud's disease, White finger or other conditions which affect you in the cold
Just give us a call to see how we might help




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Heated Liners
- Jacket Liner
- Trouser Liners
- Gloves
- Heat Controllers

- Accessories
- Cables

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Heated Liners
- Jacket Liner
- Trouser Liner
- Heated Vest
- Lite Waistcoat

Heated Gloves
- T12 Gloves
- G12 Gloves
- T1 Textile Gloves
- G3 Microwire Gloves
- T5 Microwire Gloves
- Nubuck Ultra Gloves
- Hybrid Motorcycle Gloves

- XR12 Heated Gloves
- Textile Basic Gloves
- Glove Liners
- Camouflage Gloves
- Snow Gloves
- Signiature MC Gloves
- Motorcycle Glove

Heated Insoles
- Heated Socks

Heat Controllers:
- Micro Controller
- Iluminated Switch
- 3 Way Switch
- Dual Portable Cont
- Single Portable Cont
- Dual Fixed Cont
- Single Fixed Cont

- BMW Hella Lead
- Single Cont Pouch
- Dual Cont Pouch

Battery Packs
- 4ah LiPo Battery
- 8ah LiPo Battery

Outer Wear
- Cascade Heated Jacket
- Cascade Heated Pants
- Union Heated Jacket
- Union Heated Pants

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Marushin Helmets
X-Moto, Tiger

Red Route Jeans


Zeus Helmets


to The Home of Heated Motorcycle Clothing

We've been retailing heated clothing in the UK since the very early days, right back to the original "classic gloves"
We've also been looking after our customers for all that time and of course we also use not only use Gerbing items ourselves but other brands too such as the daddy of them all "Warm and Safe", we know what works, what doesn't and how to get the best from the kit you buy

Click here to go direct to our online shop for more info and to buy
Use the links on the left at Riderz to select which brand you are interested in i.e. Warm and Safe, EXO2, Gerbing or Biketek

All Gerbing gloves now come supplied with a micro temperature controller as standard at no extra cost

All new EXO2 Stormchaser Heated Jacket


It's not just for motorcycles, heated clothing has all kinds of uses, microlights, open top cars or even for walking

12v and battery operated heated clothing, guaranteed for life

If you've had enough of being uncomfortably cold whilst riding your motorcycle or many other activities come to that, then you've come to the right place
We know exactly how you feel as that's exactly how we got into it too
Follow the links on the left and right and within the pages according to what heated products are of interest to you.

If you're just considering the idea, that's fine too, just a thought for you...
Can you find anyone who has used heated motorcycle clothing who wants to get rid of it ?
I know we never can and I know I'd never get rid of mine, there's simply nothing like riding along on a crisp dry winter's day felling snug and toasty, it gives you back those days when you just wouldn't normally go out and makes those essential commuting trips so much more comfortable and so much safer, your mind is on your riding and not on the pain in your digits, you're no longer shivering uncontrollably and you've a smile on your face

Not just for motorcycles
Many of the products are designed for use in all kinds of activities.
There are items for hunting, horse riding etc, in fact as long as you have a 12v supply it can be used and if you don't then we also supply rechargeable battery packs

"On the first try you will be amazed at the
warmth and comfort of our clothing".

"Hundreds of satisfied customers have written to
us or greeted us at shows and rallies to share
their enthusiasm and praise for our products".

Now you can benefit from over thirty years of
experience designing and manufacturing the world's
best heated clothing.

‘We ended up riding through over 2000 miles of snow
and freezing rain. At the end of each day I was toasty
warm and comfortable. That's right, me - the Queen of Cold.’
Test: Cherrie Rau, RR/MC News, October, 1993

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